Tuesday, September 30, 2008

update: Rocky

well, mom told us that Rocky was able to find a new home. so we won't be having sleep overs after all. congrats Rocky!

miss you!

words cannot possibly say how much we will miss AJ!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

where's that boxer?

i haven't been able to update everyone on the adopted boxer situation due to our flooding, so here it is. we don't currently have Rocky. we're not sure if or when we'll get him. turns out his owner (future ex-husband of our vet lady) had decided he will "bring him down when he's good and ready". actually, with the flood that worked to our advantage. maybe not so good for Rocky, but this would have made a challenging situation even more daunting.
another ray of sunshine that did come out of this though, is the soon-to-be-ex-wife,Kris, really would like to keep him if she can find a house for herself and her kids. AND we have another vet employee, Kristen, that would be more than willing to take him in if she can convince her boyfriend - what is it with the men? AND another vet employee, Stacey, that says she'd help foster him until one of those 2 could possibly take him - in the event said future ex shows up unexpectedly with him. SO, we're hoping that between us (when the flood goes down) and Kristen & Stacey, we could all foster him and his original mom Kris could keep him. and that would allow us to keep our mom too! keep your paws crossed!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Monday, September 15, 2008

thank goodness for swim lessons!

we're gonna need them. looks like the river is s'posed to come up this week and we'll be surrounded by water again. i'm a pro so i'm not worried, but brother has never been through a flood like this before. it's a good thing pa worked with him this summer. 'course we have Rocky coming tomorrow so this should be interesting. we'll try to get mom to take some pics and post 'em.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

a cry for help

well, mom has gone and done it now.  2+ weeks ago, mom took me in to have a suspicious growth on my gumline checked.  it's nothing really and i go in tomorrow to have it removed along with some other gum issue taken care of.  note to self: must not eat so many brownies.  brother will be accompanying me so i won't be scared.

anywho, on that first visit one of the nice ladies at the vet asked mom is she wanted another boxer.  and we all know how she answered that!  but she did say she couldn't take another boxer.  but then the nice lady began to tell the story of this boxer and before we left, mom volunteered to FOSTER this little boy.  she swears this is not like last time and it really is just a foster.  well, it has to be cuz pa is not too happy with ma right now.  so, we get our new sleepover friend next Tues (16th) and mom is already trying to find someone that wants a new family member.

we don't know much at this point except:  male, boxer, fawn, 18 months.  she promises to take pictures and post them here and other places to try and find a home for him.  so if you have the time, please check back with us and ask around if you know someone that could use a new family member.  we highly recommend boxers!