Friday, October 19, 2012


i'm home from my first week at spa camp & the first place i went?  my bed!
i surprised mom with my new tattoo
no really that's what my team uses so they know where to administer my radiation treatments.  mom is gonna go to town tomorrow & look for a pink bandanna that she can modify so i have a skull cap.  we don't want me messing it up in any way while i'm still getting treated.
we also met a new member of our team, Margie.  mom forgot to take her own photo but i bet we see her again.  and i bet we meet Christine before it's all over with!
so big thanks to these wonderful hoomans taking care of me & my parents!  we really do appreciate it!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Red Neck Doggy Door

so yesterday mom was concerned that i would do my business in the house while she & paw were at work. they didn't want to kennel Baxter again, so paw came up with a neat way to keep the cooler weather out, but allow us to still get out on the deck in case i really had to pee.....
mom says apparently you can take the girl out of the trailer park but you can't take the trailer park out of the girl.  we don't know what that means!

Super Heroes

This is our team of super heroes at VCA Aurora taking care of me over the next few weeks.
That's Dr. Looper, my Oncologist, on the left.  She's a fellow snowboarder so you know she's cool!  Kim on the right helped check us in & gave us a tour of my "spa" facility.  And mom did not catch the name of the guy in the back, but he will be helping keep me happy & comfy over the coming weeks.  Thanks so much team!

Dr. Mercier was our Neurologist that worked with us last week.  Mom wanted to give props to her because she was so nice & helpful in breaking the news & explaining our options. And there have been so many other wonder hoomans at Aurora that are helping us through this.  Mom just can't say enough!

Road warrior

On our way to VCA Aurora for the start of our radiation treatments

Friday, October 12, 2012


well i wish i could post some amazing good news, but life does not always work out like that.  i am a food bowl half full kind of boxer so i won't let this get me down.

i spent Tuesday & Wednesday at VCA Animal Hospital in Aurora.  let me tell you something about those hoomans! they are amazing!  they were so good to me & my maw & paw!

they did all kinds of poking & prodding & question asking.  i had a chest xray, abdominal ultrasound, & MRI.  the results show i have a large brain tumor called a meningioma - we have nicknamed him Mr Meni, pronounced 'meany'.  this is not the same brain tumor that Butterz had (glioma), but it is also not fixable.  but i do have treatment options.  my hoomans talked to a fancy Oncologist Thursday & i am scheduled to start radiation next week - if all goes well with my steroids this weekend.  so #pawscrossed as we say in the Twittersphere!