Tuesday, August 26, 2008

special brownies

hi! butters here! sister is off taking a nap and mom and dad are at work, so i thought i'd take advantage of the moment. since sister had so much fun making fun of my "rock bowl", i thought i'd take the opportunity to tell you how bad she can be. seems dad left a bunch of brownies (6 to be exact) on the counter, along with 13 sugar cookies. guess who ate them? not me, cuz you know i only go for rocks and camera lenses. needless to say, things did not go well for her the next day and she had to eat mom's special concoction until she felt better. unfortunately, as much fun as i've had with camera lenses, i have yet to figure out how to operate the camera so there is no photographic evidence. but don't worry. now that i've learned how to use the web, i'll be signing up for some photog classes to remedy that. off to surf the tubes!