Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Baby Steps

our hoomans are so good to us!
as some of my friends know, i've been sick the last 3+ weeks.  we don't know exactly what was going on, but we are hoping it was some sort of infection from my tooth pulling before Labor Day or possibly a herniated disk.  either way, it had ma & paw worried sick and me feeling pawful!
so i've been on a round of meds that included a muscle relaxer, antibiotic & steroid. now i'm down to just the steroid & feeling much better!  but to make life easier for me my hoomans made me a nice set of steps for getting up into the bed!
paw used his awesome welding skillz to build the frame
and ma used her upholstery skills to cover some fiber board (OSB) with remnants from an old painters tarp!
it's actually 2 benches.  ma calls them Nested Benches cuz the smaller one slides out of the way under the larger one.
you can see that Baxter really took to it.
i'm still not so sure about it.  but i do appreciate the gesture.  up next:  a doggie stair lift!  no kidding!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


i am feeling much better thank you.  yesterday marked 4 full days of taking my steroids and antibiotics.  my hoomans say i'm almost back to my old self - note to hoomans, I AM NOT OLD, I AM SEASONED!  we still don't know exactly what the problem was/is, but today i get to back off my steroid dosage.  i've enjoyed the custom meals mom made me: chicken+rice+pumpkin+green beans+egg+yogurt.  yummy!  right now enjoying the freedom of a completely open house!  they leave the slider open for me so if i need to go to the bathroom (and steroids will do that to you) i can at least do it on the deck & not in the house.  i have the place all to myself cuz Baxter has to be kenneled so i can have my freedom.  yippee!  i mean awww!  big thanks to all my Twitter friends who have been following & offering support!  let's hope this is the fix and not a temporary solution.
p.s. guess who has a birthday 1 week from Sat.....MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!  so plenty of time for everyone to order those gifts!