Sunday, July 24, 2011

Custom Made

well isn't mom crafty!  she had been planning this one for some time, but like always, her execution takes a while. so Baxter decided, like the lamp shades, he didn't care for the chaise cushions too much.  he decided to do a little alteration job on one of them.  mom said no biggie cuz they were super old & really needed replacing anyway.  but mom hates to waste anything that can be re-purposed.  now she's not a Crafty Cathy, but she has read enough to teach herself some basic sewing skillz.  and here's her latest effort!
not bad huh?  she cut away the larger, middle section of the chaise cushion.  you know how they have about 4 sections to them?  well, she figured we could use the bigger section for our own outdoor cushions.  and what fabric would be perfect for outdoors?  what fabric could you wash time and time again?  yep! TOWELS!  truth be told, the cover is yet another old project re-purposed.  it was supposed to be 4 towels sewn together for one side, then an old bed sheet sewn on the other side to make a big blanket for the beach.  well, she never really liked the way the 4 towels sewn together turned out so she never bothered with the sheet - she has confidence issues people!  but she held on to the 4 towel creation.  out of nowhere, today, she decided to do something about it!  she taught herself how to sew in a zipper and BAM!  we have a new cover for our cushion.  she likes it so much, she's gonna make another day!
and since it is Baxter's "birthday" guess he gets the first one!  and what a model huh?