Monday, March 26, 2007

good luck pa!

tonight is the final game for pa. they are in the playoffs and, although they didn't win last night, we're always hopeful. i've got my game face on all day for ya!

and your goalie for the evening......

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Spring is sprung!!

brother here! i was gonna post something friday. but, as you can see, it was a hectic day and i was super busy.

i did want to share what a wonderful weekend sister and i had! the weather is starting to get really nice and we can run in the mud and make all kinds of tracks all over the house. mom gets so excited when we do! we had our first al fresco breakfast of the year this morning.

and since mom and dad have been in such a cleaning frenzy this weekend, we got our springtime baths tonight. sister is so mad cuz she hates baths, but i love 'em - especially cuz mom lets me sit under the dryer. i'm spiffy clean now!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

new postage rate and stamp

have you heard about the recent increase in postage stamps? well, brother and i have decided to put in our "2 more cents worth" about how this new stamp should look.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

back to camp

well, mom and dad are off again! so we're back to camp ourselves. i'm signed up for Italian II and brother is being sent back to macrame (not macaroni) class. so yet another week goes by without a word from your guest speaker. i bet he will have lots to say when mom and dad get back on Monday.

Mom & dad weren't the only ones driving nice cars while they were on vacation

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Back from camp - ciao!

well, mom and dad are back from their trip which means we are back from camp. a huge thanks to step-mom Tara for bringing us home!!! i really appreciate it cuz i know she likes brother more than me and there is always the question of if she'll just pick him up or if she'll actually pick me up too! so thanks for getting us both. mom thinks there might have been some confusion at camp cuz brother looks like he attended macaroni classes instead of macrame classes - he beefed up a little while we were gone. i however enjoyed my Italian and Pottery classes molto (that's very much). mom would have posted a picture of our entusiastico return, but she is molto ammalato (that's very sick) and is going back to the doc today to see if she has pneumonia. so we're thinking good boxer thoughts for her! arrivederci

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

mom is such a slacker

okay, so she was sick last Thurs and with all the commotion for pa's hockey game, she was too busy this weekend. THEN she goes and gets sick again on Sun. we've been in the bed with her the last 2 days helping her get better. we're afraid she'll stay sick and we won't get to go to camp for the next few days. but she swears pa is taking us in just a few minutes.
so ma and pa are off to snowboard and we're off to camp. so the blog is delayed again. we did want you to see the pics of pa's hockey game this past Sat. unfortunately they didn't win, but pa had a blast and plenty of friends came to show support. so we're off to macrame and line dancing classes for the next few days! see ya next Monday night!

Thursday, March 1, 2007

sick day

mom is taking a sick day today so it has been up to me and brother to keep an eye on her. she slept in the bed all by herself last night and we felt so bad for her. we've made her stay on the couch all day with one of us curled up behind her and one in front. brother usually takes the front spot so he can be her stuffed snuggle boxer or heating pad - whichever one she needs.

and word on the street is our blog is more interesting than the local paper. wow. newbies and we already have street cred. well, now the pressure is on. we promise not to deliver any depressing local or national news. although we may have our own opinion from time to time on current events. we're still holding out big slober tongues on the whole britney thing. happy rainy dreary March!

hey, that means today is day 1 of the 27 days of mom!