Tuesday, July 14, 2009

dog whisperer

we spent last night visiting Max (Theresa & Norm's boxer). seems Max is a bit excitable and over affectionate (aka territorial). so mom was asked if she could come down and help out. she knew the perfect person for the job was me. so i met with Max and helped show him how a good boxer behaves. i also got to play with Mya (JT & Jenny's chocolate lab). BOY IS SHE A BLAST!!! seems Mya has her own set of issues too. Max's overexcited personality has made Mya a bit of a wall flower. so i helped her with girl power. in the end, we all had a wonderful time. unfortunately brother was not able to go with us. mom thought it best to introduce us one at a time. so next play date will include Butters! and hopefully some pics!