Wednesday, August 1, 2007


our duck eggs have been quite the attention getters. not only from friends, etc. visiting our blog, but from casual boaters tooling by to see the nest. so we'll answer the biggest question, "when will they hatch?" from our calculations, they are expected to hatch next weekend (around the 11th), but we could be off. there's about a 30-day incubation period and that would be about 30 days since the last egg.

we're still not sure if there are 7 or 8. momma leaves each day, usually in the afternoon. so we get chances to check on the nest. you can definitely see 7, but we're not sure if an 8th is buried under one of the others. we'll know in about a week. unfortunately mom and dad will be out of town when this is estimated to happen. lucky for us, Jordan has agreed to check in on us, so we don't have to go to camp and we might get to see the new babies! if you happen by during all of this and see any hatchlings, please take photos and email mom. she's taking the cameras with her so we won't be able to get any pics for her ourselves!

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