Saturday, February 2, 2008

Dog Rescue

What you don't see in this photo is the 45 minutes prior when pa had to rescue this dog. unfortunately, mom and dad were too busy getting involved to save this guy to take photos in the process. So here's the story.....

Mom looks out the back slider and see this john boat out in front of the house. she can't figure out what the heck these guys are doing in the river this time of year and why their boat is pulled up on the ice. she gets out the binoculars and looks north and sees 2 guys walking North on the ice on the other side. she looks some more and sees a dog sitting on the ice in the middle of the channel. that's right, A DOG SITTING ON THE ICE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE CHANNEL. last year it was a deer that got stuck on a slab of ice floating down the river. this year was worse, cuz this dog was stuck in the middle with nowhere to go and afraid to move.

this next pic isn't very good, but it should give you perspective. looking up the river, just beside the red buouy was where this guy was stuck. this is about a mile north of our beach.

he'd been there since about 930am (according to neighbors) and pa was finally able to rescue him about 1230pm. so pa drove up the street, and much to the dismay of the local fire dept crew, dropped the kayak in and proceeded to slide across the ice to get to this dog. unfortunately for pa, when he got close to the dog, the dog freaked out and continued to try and get to the other side. he fell through 1 time but was able to pull himself up on the ice. finally, he made it to the other side and started walking South (toward our house). that's when the guys with the john boat were able to pick him up. and pa was able to walk his kayak back down to the house (what you see in the first pic) and make his way back across the river to us.

unfortunately we never got to meet this dog - and he ate all our treats that pa took out to him - but we hope his owner(s) appreciate what pa did for him. we couldn't be prouder of pa!

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