Wednesday, June 18, 2008

even boxers get the blues

even the best boxers are prone to tummy aches. and since we're not exactly the best, we get 'em too! mom and dad just got back from another trip and we got back from camp. brother seems to have come home with a tummy ache - i think he ate too much finger paint. but mom always fixes us up nice when that happens. she learned from my carpet pad eating incident that the best thing for a boxer's aching tummy is pumpkin & rice. so since brother has been feelin' a little off, she makes him our special treat. yummee! and since we have sympathy pains, i get to eat some too.
so here's the magic concoction!

and here's how brother looks when mom is getting it ready (notice the "fangs")

and here's what brother often looks like after eating it.

much better ma!

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