Sunday, August 29, 2010


well, we've been waiting a couple weeks now for the official word from the rescue program, but it must have gotten lost in the mail. MNBR confirmed that all our paperwork was good on their end, it was just a matter of the check clearing. mom was so afraid of jinxing anything that she refused to post. but paw checked online and it cleared a few weeks ago. but we just didn't think we could make it official without this:
everyone meet the new trouble at Playa del Nacho: Baxter!
yesterday marked 6 weeks that we've had him. mom found him through a great rescue group in Minnesota. and get this...he came from Chillicothe, MO. how crazy is that? i think Butterz is looking out for us all. Baxter is so much like him but different too in his own way.
that reminds me, better tell you about the name change. sometimes we call him BentleyBarneyBaxter. he came to MNBR officially as Bentley, but they already had a Bentley in their group so they called him Barney. mom liked either. but then our good friend Barry accidentally called him Baxter, and wouldn't you know it, that just happens to be the dog's name in one of paw's favorite movies, Anchorman. so Baxter it has become. mom just calls him B for short. i'm sure she'll come up with another nickname in time. remember Butterz was not Butterz at first!
so this is his first photo when ma and paw drove to Madison, WI on July 17 to meet one of the many transporters that helped get him to us!
and you can tell he's trying really hard to adjust here but somehow making do.
oh, and notice that little circle on his back leg? he brought a friend with him. Mr Ring as in Ring Worm. and B is a giver, cuz now i have it. you can see how much i'm enjoying the bathing treatments. thanks B, yer the best!
but enough about me. it's not all sad stories and this will pass. there have been swimming and kayaking lessons.
and i think he's finally learning to relax. what do you think?

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Unknown said...

That is a wonderful story! Look at you now...all happy & adjusted...yay!