Sunday, February 27, 2011

long over due

mom has been meaning to post these since they arrived shortly after the first of the year. with Miss Marley's passing, she finally got the guts to do it. losing Butterz has been awfully hard on us all.

we can't thank Kristen at Dog House Pet Portraits enough for them. she captured Butterz perfectly.  it was the perfect way to remember him!  originally mom was going to put them in the bedroom, but we've decided they will look better when the kitchen/dining remodel is done.  our builder is gonna change the design of a particular wall just for these. and people say we're spoiled. woof!

oh, for those that haven't met us in person, that's me (Cookie) on the left & Butterz on the right. mom says she'll be ordering one of Baxter some time this year too!

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Anonymous said...

that is really cool denise i think matrix looks very handsome and cookie beautiful it really captures the love you have for your dogs