Monday, December 26, 2011

A very Boxer Christmas

we wanted to do a quick post instead of a tweet to show you what we got for Christmas this year.  we were very good indeed!  Baxter even pretended to be an Elf & watched over paw while he slept on Christmas Day.

guess they never did catch Santa in the act.  anywho, we got a brand new Screaming Monkey from Santa
and here we are sharing it like good boxers do
mom is so proud of our manners you know.  and Sarvers (that's the nice people that house & dog sit when ma & paw are adventuring) gave us 2 new toys
that's Screaming Monkey in the middle after Baxter had chewed the tail off!  and in case you're wondering what a Sceaming Monkey is, check this out

we got some other cool stuff like treats & kongs filled with goodies. we were spoiled rotten. hope all our boxers friends were just as spoiled!

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