Monday, May 21, 2012

High Cotton

This is Cotton - well, the white bulldog on the island.  So mom was back home in FL the other weekend for Mom's Day.  They went to visit her paw & step-mom.  They live way out in the country and, when it rains a lot, they have a swamp in the back yard that fills in quite a bit.  Sometimes it rains enough that they have an island & that's what you see here.  Turns out the neighbor's dog escaped on a Friday & mom's paw found her stranded on their island on Sunday.  Poor baby.  Mom was just beside herself & made her paw go out & get her.  At the time, they had no idea who this was or who her hoomans were.  They left a note with the neighbor because they knew they had a couple of big white bulldogs & it had to be theirs.  They were right!  The neighbor was out of town & his brother was dog sitting for him when Cotton escaped.  She was such a sweetie mom almost brought her home.  She is very old so we were glad they were able to find her hoomans & get her home!  Oh, and that's our cousin Axel (mom's sister's lab) in the front trying to convince Cotton to get off that island!

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