Tuesday, August 21, 2012

To The Max

we had a play date last Thurs with Max the Newfoundland.  his hooman is Todd, mom's co-worker.  we are working on socialization skillz for Baxter!  he apparently does not know how to act around other dogs.
mom was very please with how things went.  the only incident happened when mom had to hold Baxter back while Todd & Max went over to say hello to the neighbors. we don't have a fence & Baxter was having too much fun so mom didn't want him knocking down anyone in the excitement.  unfortunately, his excitement built up even bigger so that when Max came back, there was a bit of a tussel.  but everything calmed down & we went back to usual boxer behavior - a little out of control, but nothing too bad & they eventually were able to relax together!  yippee!
unfortunately for Todd, Max discovered dead carp on the beach & paid the price for it.  Todd paid too cuz he had to give Max a bath before leaving!  thank goodness for the outdoor shower!

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