Wednesday, September 12, 2012


i am feeling much better thank you.  yesterday marked 4 full days of taking my steroids and antibiotics.  my hoomans say i'm almost back to my old self - note to hoomans, I AM NOT OLD, I AM SEASONED!  we still don't know exactly what the problem was/is, but today i get to back off my steroid dosage.  i've enjoyed the custom meals mom made me: chicken+rice+pumpkin+green beans+egg+yogurt.  yummy!  right now enjoying the freedom of a completely open house!  they leave the slider open for me so if i need to go to the bathroom (and steroids will do that to you) i can at least do it on the deck & not in the house.  i have the place all to myself cuz Baxter has to be kenneled so i can have my freedom.  yippee!  i mean awww!  big thanks to all my Twitter friends who have been following & offering support!  let's hope this is the fix and not a temporary solution.
p.s. guess who has a birthday 1 week from Sat.....MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!  so plenty of time for everyone to order those gifts!

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