Friday, October 12, 2012


well i wish i could post some amazing good news, but life does not always work out like that.  i am a food bowl half full kind of boxer so i won't let this get me down.

i spent Tuesday & Wednesday at VCA Animal Hospital in Aurora.  let me tell you something about those hoomans! they are amazing!  they were so good to me & my maw & paw!

they did all kinds of poking & prodding & question asking.  i had a chest xray, abdominal ultrasound, & MRI.  the results show i have a large brain tumor called a meningioma - we have nicknamed him Mr Meni, pronounced 'meany'.  this is not the same brain tumor that Butterz had (glioma), but it is also not fixable.  but i do have treatment options.  my hoomans talked to a fancy Oncologist Thursday & i am scheduled to start radiation next week - if all goes well with my steroids this weekend.  so #pawscrossed as we say in the Twittersphere!

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