Friday, February 16, 2007

Guest Speaker

hi! i'm Butters (aka Matrix). i'm Cookies' big (headed) brother. mom decided that it wasn't fair to give Cookers all the spotlight so she's allowing me to be guest speaker on Fridays. i'm a little slower and since mom is off work Fridays, she can take the time to help me with my postings. i have lots to say! boyee!

i'm the sensitive one and a big lover. mom says i'm her "special" boxer! mom was kind enough to adopt me from a friend of a friend last year. he was a great guy, but just couldn't keep me. he knew about Cookie (who doesn't?) and asked if mom would take me. seriously? you think she'd say no? no question about it! i've been here for about 1 1/2 years and i love it! last summer i learned to ride in the kayak. Cookie loves to kayak and goes with pa all the time. i'm kinda spastic so i haven't gone out to the islands yet, just floated around out in front of the house. but this year i'm gonna get better! and i'll make sure mom posts some pics of that!

well, that's all for today. it's cold and i have to go sit in front of the vent and hog all the warm air! i'll see ya next week!

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