Friday, February 23, 2007

hold the butters

hi! it's butters again! back for my Friday column.

i considered using my posting this week to talk about the goings on with Britney and Anna Nicole, but what does a boxer really care? i mean, there are geese to bark at, squirrels to chase, sunlit area rugs and warm vents to monoplize! as usual, Cookies can't stand not being the center of attention and she's all over mom's chair as im trying to dictate to her. geesh!!!

speaking of media circus, it has been a typical paprazzi day for us. mom took us on errands this morning and we went for our usual Starbuck's Puppy Latte/Puppychino. as mom pulled up to pay and get the goodies, the Starbucks chick had a request from the car in front of us. they asked that when we were done to please pull over so she could meet the boxers. yawn yawn. another admiring fan. she was very nice and had a boxer pup of her own. even the Starbucks lady grew up with boxers and enjoyed meeting us. what can we say? it's the price of celebrity!

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