Thursday, November 8, 2012

Thank You!

that's 7 dozen Pizzelles for the VCA staff!
well, Tuesday was my last day of treatment.  my hoomans took the afternoon off to come up & get me & leave the staff with a gift of Italian Pizzelles - paw makes the best!  of course, Miss Kim had to get in a couple extra good byes with me!  she has been so good to me & the hoomans!
that's my graduation bandana
i was a little groggy this time since i got my treatment a little later in the morning. mom said she could still smell the booze (aka anesthesia) on my breath & i looked a little out of it in the car ride home.  i think i look fine!
but i did manage to pass out nap for most of the drive home.
i go back in 4 weeks (Dec 4th to be exact) for my 1st follow-up appointment.  after that it's every 3 months for the next year.  i have to stay on the steroids for the next month 2 but we will be weaning me off each week.  right now i stick to my 15mg twice a day & each week we go down.  

we cannot thank everyone enuff for all the support so far & what we know we'll continue to get.  
  • everyone at VCA Aurora was spectacular!  mom says she hopes you NEVER have to go to a place like this, but if you do, don't hesitate & don't worry; they will do their best!  thank you Dr Looper, Dr Mercier, Kim, Maggie, Anthony & everyone!  not everyone walks out of there like we did, but you won't walk out alone!
  • our friends & family who have been in constant contact to see how i'm doing and offer their #pawprayers
  • our twitter friends.  OMD they have been amazing! Miss Clara (here or here) & i have been holding each other's paws the entire way & will continue to do so. if you don't think much about Twitter, you've never experienced the support mom has through this whole thing! thanks @bonnieboxer, @danapixie, @maggie68D, @Boo_boxer, @guccitheboxer, @SNUGGLELICIOUS, and just so many more that we don't have room for.
  • and thanks @JessieTheBoxer (Jessie & Sammy) for that wonderful bunny!  Baxter says thanks too!

so we are keeping everything crossed & hoping we got rid of Mr Meanie! grrrrrr  Butterz would be proud!