Tuesday, March 6, 2007

mom is such a slacker

okay, so she was sick last Thurs and with all the commotion for pa's hockey game, she was too busy this weekend. THEN she goes and gets sick again on Sun. we've been in the bed with her the last 2 days helping her get better. we're afraid she'll stay sick and we won't get to go to camp for the next few days. but she swears pa is taking us in just a few minutes.
so ma and pa are off to snowboard and we're off to camp. so the blog is delayed again. we did want you to see the pics of pa's hockey game this past Sat. unfortunately they didn't win, but pa had a blast and plenty of friends came to show support. so we're off to macrame and line dancing classes for the next few days! see ya next Monday night!

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