Thursday, March 1, 2007

sick day

mom is taking a sick day today so it has been up to me and brother to keep an eye on her. she slept in the bed all by herself last night and we felt so bad for her. we've made her stay on the couch all day with one of us curled up behind her and one in front. brother usually takes the front spot so he can be her stuffed snuggle boxer or heating pad - whichever one she needs.

and word on the street is our blog is more interesting than the local paper. wow. newbies and we already have street cred. well, now the pressure is on. we promise not to deliver any depressing local or national news. although we may have our own opinion from time to time on current events. we're still holding out big slober tongues on the whole britney thing. happy rainy dreary March!

hey, that means today is day 1 of the 27 days of mom!

1 comment:

Tara said...

What, no hockey game up date! the jstar is so unstisfactory we need better entertainment here!