Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Back from camp - ciao!

well, mom and dad are back from their trip which means we are back from camp. a huge thanks to step-mom Tara for bringing us home!!! i really appreciate it cuz i know she likes brother more than me and there is always the question of if she'll just pick him up or if she'll actually pick me up too! so thanks for getting us both. mom thinks there might have been some confusion at camp cuz brother looks like he attended macaroni classes instead of macrame classes - he beefed up a little while we were gone. i however enjoyed my Italian and Pottery classes molto (that's very much). mom would have posted a picture of our entusiastico return, but she is molto ammalato (that's very sick) and is going back to the doc today to see if she has pneumonia. so we're thinking good boxer thoughts for her! arrivederci

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