Thursday, May 13, 2010

Butterz - day 13

we got the thyroid test back from the vet yesterday and it came back neg/good/clean whatever you want to say. they don't think brother's test needs any additional picking/poking at so i guess they are not gonna send it on to Michigan State. i think mom is gonna ask about that today when she talks to them. she is trying to get him in for an ultrasound tomorrow morning. they can do it Tues here in Chilli, but if she can get him in tomorrow, she can take him to the Peoria office.

he was still "tired" last night but eating and bathroom all seem normal. still drinking more than normal - mom thinks. mom got a little worried at one point cuz he went in and laid on the bathroom floor and wouldn't come out. mom thinks it was cuz of the heated floor. but she was so concerned that she went in 3 times to take his pulse to make sure it was normal. he did finally come out and watched tv with me an mom (actually he watched the inside of his eyelids). but mom didn't have a problem getting him moving to go for bathroom breaks later in the night.

at bed time he decided for the first time ever to sleep on the floor at the foot of the bed. mom was pretty busted up about this but let him do it and didn't try to force him up into the bed. i liked having all that extra room but i missed him. he must have missed us too cuz he did get up and get in the bed some time during the night - we found out he left paw asleep on the floor though (see paw is concerned).

so we're still waiting it out and hoping it gets better and thanking everyone for checking in on us. mom isn't really talking about it much anymore cuz she so worried. so if she seems like she's avoiding it, she is kinda. don't be offended.

Update: Butterz has a 110p appointment tomorrow for his ultrasound

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