Sunday, May 9, 2010

mystery illness

well things are not necessarily better with brother. mom is no pinning hopes on his problem being allergies. the vet called yesterday and to check in on us and brother had a little more pep but not much. mom is gonna continue the meds until they run out which will probably be Wed or no later than the end of the week. but we don't think they are doing any good. the vet will call her again tomorrow for an update so she'll tell them nothings changed then and they may say just take him off.

for anyone who hasn't seen the post on BoxerForums, brother is just very lethargic. as Ms T noticed, you can see it in his eyes. they just don't look "normal". mom took a pic just now and this is what they look like when he's at his worst and you wake him up.
once you get him up and moving they look more normal, not as much pink but something still doesn't look right. brother is like me and normally has a ton of energy and he's quite the talker. but not much of that is happening this week. he's eating normally and no vomiting. bathroom breaks are normal. ma and paw think he's drinking more water than normal but he's a big drinker so it's hard to tell. the vet did take blood last Monday and they didn't find anything. so all we can do is wait it out at this point and hope whatever this is passes. happy thoughts for us please cuz mom needs it almost as much as brother!


Tara said...

Miss T was reading a forum on dog health and came across an article that discussed hypothroidism in dogs! (It has another name for dogs of course she can't remember the name) The symptoms seemed to match Matrix symptoms! Has your vet discussed this possibilty with you? The droppy eye thing has me really concerned!

Cookie said...

no they have not but that the next thing i'm going to talk to them about tomorrow. i found some of the same stuff and we're on the same line of thinking. i'll keep you in the loop.