Thursday, May 20, 2010

mom is really concerned now

as much as we'd like to look on the bright side, mom is having a really hard time after last night and this morning. brother is the most "out of it" she's seen him this whole time. his eyes aren't droopy but he's just out of it. he threw up all his dinner last night so mom made him some white rice to settle his tummy. he slept on the floor all night. he's never done that in the 6 years we've had him. so mom didn't sleep at all. mom had to actually carry him down the stairs to go to the bathroom this morning cuz he just stood there. wouldn't move. and you know mom has a bad back! and he's drooling a lot again. this is simply killing her.
we called the vet yesterday to see what was up with the blood work but they reminded mom that cytology tests can take a week or more to come back. she had to explain to me that cytology was testing for cancer. please pray for brother and mom!

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