Sunday, May 16, 2010

butterz - vet visit #5

first off, let me apologize for taking so long to post and update about brother. ma and paw were super busy this weekend and ma wanted me to hold off posting anything so she could stop being such a nervous wreck. the short of it, brother is fine but we still have no answers.

so they're getting to know brother better than ever at the vet. he's now visited their 2nd location. if he makes it to their 3rd office i think he gets a free wash! mom took him in Friday for his ultrasound. they didn't find anything which of course is good news. some things the vet said:
  • no tumors, cysts, etc
  • liver looks fine - a little small for his size but they are not worried
  • kidneys look good - although 1 was hard to see cuz he'd eaten that morning (mom didn't know she wasn't s'pose to feed him)
  • blood work is being sent off for testing and they'll have that back Mon or Tues (mom can't remember what all they're testing for - she's old)
  • range of motion is good - the vet did notice the "wincing" but they could find nothing causing it and he doesn't seem to be experiencing any pain
  • everything else looked good. they ran a bunch of test that they told ma about but she couldn't remember all of those either - she's not a medical-type person
BUT, ma was relived to know from all medical standpoints he seems to be fine and there doesn't seem to be any "terminal" issue going on. so she said she would try and relax and just let him be his slow self for now. maybe he just needs a vaca. she is giving us a multi-vitamin at night now and we still get our cosamine each morning.

paw said brother looked like he was better yesterday but ma wouldn't comment. she doesn't want to jinx it. but today, she admitted he seemed better. still more sleepy than normal in the morning BUUUUUT, he actually played a small game of chase with ma this afternoon and she even got him to chase a rock (brother LOVES chasing rocks). he was slow but he got excited about it; something he hasn't done this whole time. and when Miss Katie said "rock" earlier, he actually perked his ears up! so keep those positive thoughts coming. they are helping!!!!

to top things off, and ma thinks maybe it's all part of the turn around, when brother was at the vet getting poked and prodded Friday, ma ran into Stubby (brother's 1st dad). and Stubby said "i have some pictures for you out the truck". he'd been carrying them around for a while. he didn't even know brother was feeling down. and it turns out ma had been wanting a puppy picture all this time. see ma adopted brother when we were 3 so she doesn't have those pics. we'll here's brother as a pup. you can see he had a lot of ears to grow into.
thanks again everyone for the positive thoughts, and ma will keep you posted when she hears something Mon or Tues. our next step, if we decide to take it and/or brother needs it, is to go down to U of I and visit with a specialist. let's all pray we don't have to go that far and whatever this is, will pass! ma will settle for that at this point!

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Anonymous said...

That is fantastic news, I was also really worried about Matrix. He is one of my favorite slobber buddies! :) It was terrible to see him so down :( -> :) At least he is getting better now!