Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Vet Visit #4

Today's Guest Speaker: Ma

so this makes the 4th visit to the vet in just over a week. so far, nothing has changed. Butterz is still lethargic - most notable in the evening. but he is still eating & pooping normally. no vomiting. he does seem to be drinking more than normal.

when the vet called yesterday to check on him i told them all that. also told them about the particularly bad Reverse Sneezing episode Sat/Sun and really pushed the whole allergy angle. they said i could give him Benedryl twice a day and see if it helps but they still don't think it's allergies mostly because he's not showing other signs like redness in the ears, scratching, sneezing, coughing, etc. i'm trying not to panic and question too much, cuz (1) they do this for a living and know what they are doing and (2) they know my dog and care what happens to him. so i'm holding off on Benedryl for now. he finished his Rimadyl Sun night so we're off that and we decided to stop the muscle relaxer at the same time - we just don't think that was helping anything. so, for now, he's just on antibiotics.

last night was the best he's acted in over a week. actually trotted out to the yard and back for "business". but, as usual, later in the evening, same lethargy and drooping eyes. i'm just trying not to get to worked up about that.

so i took him in to the vet today and they drew blood. they did reiterate that from the blood draw Monday of last week that his white blood cell count was good, no heart worm, no anemia. basically everything looked good. they suspect it will be the same today but they will compare last Monday to today to see if there are any changes in any of the numbers. they also did a draw for thyroid. that test should be back tomorrow and they suspect it will come back normal at which time they will send it to Michigan State for more intense testing just in case. i did ask them to test for Lyme disease as well - i'm grasping - and they are keeping diabetes in mind but i don't think we're testing for that just yet. we're then planning on running an ultrasound either Friday or Tues of next week just to look deeper in case there is something we're missing.

and as usual, they are encouraging me to focus on the fact that he is eating normally and no vomiting or diarrhea. it was encouraging as well, that they felt like we are doing all the things we can in terms of paying attention to any behavior stuff and doing our homework, without overdoing it and freaking out! that's not been easy.

so i'll keep posting and am open (to a degree cuz i can't get all freaked out) to ideas anyone has.

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